IMRC stands for Innovation Management and Research Consultancy, and is specialized in guiding the process of new product development (NPD) in response to stagnating growth. Applied methodologies and working principles are tuned in to the definition that - innovation is the transfer of knowledge into money.

With today’s highly critical consumers and saturated markets, successful innovation management more and more relies on an effective integration of the knowledge basis of consumer, product and brand insight; the cornerstones of the NPD innovation process. In this sense, the consumer insight domain is seen in a far broader context than consumptive behaviour only. Namely, to account for people's behavioural dualism in either acting as a citizen or as a consumer, citizen's social-psychological behaviour as, for example, reflected in their concern for the environment, is also taken into consideration - the society push (SP).

At that, knowledge management is a useful tool to structure the knowledge-base as well as making the invention process accessible for technology push (TP) driven innovations based on R&D competencies. However, the trackrecords of translating TP inventions into marketable innovations all indicate an unacceptable low level of return on NPD investments. With hindsight and by far, a mismatch between R&D capabilities and latent market pull (MP) characteristics explains.This is what differentiates capability building from the ability to innovate.

IMRC-support distinguishes between four NPD innovation scenarios.
1. Optimalisation - existing products/services for existing markets.
2. Market development - existing products/services for new markets.
3. Product development - new products/services for existing markets.
4. Business innovation - new products/services for new markets.

IMRC contributes to these four distinctive NPD innovation scenarios by a tailor-made and dedicated facilitation of the overall innovation process, in specific by:
• Managing and execution of domestic ethnographic studies.
• Identification of the key drivers for product/service deliveries.
• The organistion of creative- and ethnographic workshops.
• Translating of research findings into NPD briefings.
• MP-TP-SP research alignment to the NPD innovation scenario at hand.


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